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Manual therapy is physical therapy that uses highly specific treatment approaches, including manual techniques and therapeutic exercises.

The IKOMT concept evaluates clients who come with pain complaints holistically and creates a treatment model in the light of scientific evidence. 

It is an effective manual therapy method that helps healing by intervening manually to deformation and problems on the spine. 

Manual Therapy is extremely safe and harmless when applied in expert hands.

Helps increase flexibility and pain-free range of motion.

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  • I first went to Mr. Kaan on recommendation, I was very pleased, then I went again. I go to him every 6 months. I have been to many physiotherapists so far. Mr. Kaan definitely applies treatment to the right points and can find solutions instantly..
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  • I went for reference. He is friendly and very sincere to his patients. I went after my neck hernia complaint. He applied manual and exercise therapy and my pain was gone. At the same time, he informs the patient in detail about the treatment.
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  • He has a very successful hand, I think he should talk before he has surgery. Even my file was ready, I was going to go into surgery, then I met Mr. Kaan, thanks to his lucky hands, he woke me up in 2 sessions. I love him so much, thank you so much.
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