Fzt. Ece SAHIN

Ece Sahin Burgas


1- Mechanical low back pain (expertise)
2- Neurodevelopmental yoga (expertise)
3- pet physiotherapy
4- Non-surgical hernia treatment
5- Treatment of neck hernia without surgery
6- Pain treatment in ankylosing spondylitis
7- Reformer – Pilates with Instrument
8- Medical massage
9- Functional Training

I decided to become a physiotherapist in high school. I always knew I was going to do a health-related job. My desire to be instrumental in healing and to realize myself in this way started at a very early age and shaped my whole personality and beliefs.

“Why am I doing this job?”

I have always found the causes of the human body, its physical abilities and disabilities to be intriguing. In addition, when I look closely at the integrity of the body, soul and mind, I am always surprised to see how different the situations that cause pain in each person are from each other.

As I embark on this journey with my clients, I am very happy to see the good results of the treatment plan and discipline that we have made with a collaborative work.

“What is my motivation?”

While evaluating the human body every day; I am discovering the balance of mind, body and soul unity. I am very happy when my patients become aware of their needs again. It makes me feel complete to witness how they can reconnect with themselves and how they eliminate their complaints with their own efforts.

“What is my life philosophy?”

I always looked for a different way. I gave a chance to every option that was new, risky and foreign to me, but that came to my mind. Innovations always excite me rather than scare me. I try to reflect this in my profession as best I can. In order to be beneficial to my patients and my profession, I am a close follower of all kinds of scientific innovations regarding human physical therapy.

“What challenges did I encounter?”

I didn't always realize what I wanted so much. I faced many environmental, personal and institutional hurdles and complexities before deciding on the field I wanted to work in and specialize in. Looking back today, these are the struggles I call experience and obstacles to overcome.

“What is the contribution of my life experiences to my work?”

I have learned only one thing from all the events that I have seen and experienced in my life; how the human body, soul and mind can be one and whole and at the same time separate and distant. With all this awareness, I work every day on my perspective towards my patients.

I learned something from each of my patients. Both about physical therapy, about the changes that will increase my respect for this science, about the variables in life stories and disease histories. I see it all as a unique story and approach it with great care.

“What is my work discipline?”

I try to make my work environment safe and enjoyable for both my patients and my colleagues. I see every challenge I face as an experience for myself, an opportunity to grow, develop and learn new ways of solving problems. My relationship with my patients; It also includes being flexible when changes need to be made. I make it my goal to build good habits like stay focused, stay motivated, finish tasks quickly, and more.

Stability and faith are the two biggest elements to which I dedicate myself. It is not enough to love my job, I try to integrate it into myself and myself into it. I put order and discipline, the element of conscience, which is one of the strongest hands in this business, and the urge to realize myself among my greatest goals, not only in my private life but also in my work.

“What have my patients done to me?”

My patients have always given me a different perspective. Their ability to get the most out of therapy has progressed over time, even more in line with the healthy relationships between us. When they came to me with confusion and fear, I tried to treat them in the light of knowledge and we had a lot to add to each other. 

They helped me how to deal with various situations and stories. Over time, I realized that they didn't just look at me as someone who could help them solve their problems and ailments, but that I was a part of their lives from that moment on.

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